Rachel Smelser -The Senior Collection-

Big things come in small packages. Mother Teresa, Ghandi, Danny Devito, all below the 5 foot mark. Okay, maybe the latter is slightly out of place, though if anyone saw him in Matilda, he probably holds a spot in your heart somewhere, as he does in mine. Smaller frames aren't incapable of powerful abilities. Rachel is an example of that. Rachel and soccer have a secret handshake. They've been besties since she gave up play-doh and superficial mattel dolls. They are inseparable. Their bond has been her most consistent source of joy throughout her youth with the only exceptions being her family and her faith. This friendship continues even today, as she nailed down a scholarship, now playing for the third ranked junior college in the nation at Paradise Valley.

She seems constructed for the soccer field. A fusion of raw energy and pure spunk, she doesn't run, she bounces. She uses her non-threatening build to surprise and shock her opponents, relishing in the napping of her enemies. Of course a girl with this much energy isn't a one hit wonder. Four year marching and jazz band veteran, avid wake boarder, ex-skateboarder, her 'fun resume' is listless. But when 80% of her shoot includes her completely engaged in a world that includes just her and B&W ball, it's kind of beautiful, and fun to watch. This is Rachel.












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