Carden & Kelly -The Engagement Collection-

They may have been fish out of water, but it wasn't apparent. Hailing from the state of Washington, and a city plagued with weather straight out of the film Seven, I would have imagined shortened patience from them under the sun, on a scorching June afternoon. Undisturbed by the triple digit weather, we were able to have great conversation about their future, shared passions, and the unfortunate dissolution of the Seattle Supersonics. Both Carden & Kelly relish sweating it out in gyms, hardening their abs, defining calves, and participating in other salubrious activity.

If you hike camelback mountain, south mountain, thunderbird mountain, or any other mountain, look for these two. Carden will be wearing a bandana, a risky fashion choice that most might deem dated, but he pulls it off with a confirming confidence. Kelly won't be hard to spot either, she'll be so stylish, it won't matter what you're wearing, you'll feel like you just rolled out of bed in comparison (Don't be discouraged, she spent months working at Nordstrom, building a darling wardrobe). While they're individually beautiful, together they're nauseatingly impeccable. This is Carden & Kelly.











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