Travis Velonis -The Liberated Collection-

He's lost in the clouds.
Found in outer-space.
Admiring the beauty,
Puts a smile on his face.
Like Disney he's goofy.
Laughing is required.
Listens to pretty music,
It's no wonder he's inspired.
Like a good neighbor
Travis will be there.
Makes you feel comfortable,
 Like sitting in a beach chair.
Unafraid to make himself look like an idiot,
with his young sister,
Time to upgrade this weak rapper,
with a better tongue twister. 

 I woke up from a short nap awhile ago, feeling strange -- anyone who knows anything about me knows that this happens frequently when I wake up from naps. I plopped down on the piece of furniture that arguably gets more use than my bed, my computer chair, and started writing for this post. I thought about Travis and what I learned about him and my fingers started typing. Before I knew it I was penning a rap. I've been known to revisit my high school days, a moment where I was blessed with fictionalized street cred, or maybe it was a recent conversation I had with my friend Phil about the nuances of past and present hip-hop, but I think it was a subsconscious shout out to my boy Travis that made my brain struggle to create anything but a failed rhyming scheme.

You see, I found out immediately that we shared a bond for good hip-hop -- also quiet chillwave, and other obscure genre's and artists. In a matter of thirty minutes I discovered that besides being incredibly genuine, defiantly modest, and a super fan of smiling, Travis and I shared a list of similarities. We both adore music to a religious degree, we honor the inner nerd in us by practicing hand-eye cordination via video games, amazingly we both subscribe to the most epically awesome comedy sketch group on youtube, and we both have a passion for basketball, though we didn't play in high school. He's like what I would have been in high school if I was cool. Without further adieu, I give you my long lost friend... This is Travis Velonis, and he's been liberated.
TravisVelonis-113TravisVelonis-4 TravisVelonis-8 TravisVelonis-5 TravisVelonis-12 TravisVelonis-13 TravisVelonis-16 TravisVelonis-19 TravisVelonis-27 TravisVelonis-31 TravisVelonis-37 TravisVelonis-41 Collage1 TravisVelonis-47 TravisVelonis-53 TravisVelonis-51 TravisVelonis-65 TravisVelonis-67 TravisVelonis-75 Collage2 TravisVelonis-78 TravisVelonis-84 TravisVelonis-93 TravisVelonis-101 TravisVelonis-107 TravisVelonis-111

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